Photoshop Tutorial // Checking Seamless Repeats


A quick and efficient way I check my pattern designs are a seamless repeat.

Step 1: Place guides vertically and horizontally in the centre of your design. My design was 42 cm wide x 60 cm height so I placed my guides at 21 cm and 30 cm.

Step 2: Go to your edit menu in Photoshop and select 'define pattern'. You can name your pattern if you like.

Step 3: In your Layers panel select 'create new fill or adjustment layer' and select 'pattern'.

Step 4: Change your scale to 50%. This will show your design in repeat on your screen.

Step 5: Where you have placed your guides is where your pattern is repeating. Hide guides by pressing 'command' and  ';'. 

Step 6: If you have set up your repeat properly you should see a seamless design. If your design has not been set up correctly you will see elements within your design not matching up.

A design that is not seamless would look like this...

I have circled the areas where it is visibly not seamless.

I have circled the areas where it is visibly not seamless.

Note; This is also a great way to see what your design will look like scaled up or down.

Hope this is helpful for any designers out there looking to quickly check their work! 


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beige2 copy.jpg